Employers Resource for Risk
Employers Resource for Risk
"Employer's Resource for Risk"
"Employer's Resource for Risk"

Leading Experts for Employer Liability Exposures

Managing Risk isn't about what the insurance industry offers at the cheapest price. It's about finding the best Risk Mitigation model and platforms, or combination of such, to reduce your exposures as an business owner or officer. Today your biggest exposure is that of an employer. It requires access to experts that can help navigate management thru employer/employee realtionships, with up to date employment applications, files, records and employee handbooks. This also requires accurate payroll and tax filings, claim management and benefit administration.


Business is filled with unforeseeable events that create liability for owners and officers of corporate entities. In these situations, it's important to know that you can rely on your risk management program to protect you. As independent risk managers and insurance professionals, HazardCoach specializes in helping you find risk transfer techniques and solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. We draw from a vast pool of experts to minimize exposure and the "Cost of Risk".

Risk Mitigation


What We Do

The professional staff at HazardCoach will create a customized, complete analysis with recommendations for specific employer liability and the appropriate risk transfer techniques for your company. Risk management has been our specialty for over 25 years, providing employer risk transfer platforms  for clients seen as “risky” by many carriers.


Be sure that your risk management program has you covered. Second or third party litigation exposes and makes vulnerable your business and assets to unforeseen risks. We'll help you determine optimal risk transfer strategies minimizing the "Cost of Risk". 

Whats your organization's 


Risk Appetite:

The amount of risk an organization will accept to derive a benefit from a situation or activity, like used in trading where it tends toward a break even point.


Risk Tolerence:

The amount of risk an organization will accept to avoid a negative outcome and is usually minimized to the point of cost outweighing expected consequences, like some insurance.


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 As seasoned experts:

HazardCoach has the ability to provide employers customized risk management solutions.

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